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Page 48: Total Hygienic modular channels
General Catalogue #20
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Inoxsystem ® Total Hygienic Standard modular channel
with connection flanges, reinforces edges, gullies with odor trap, etc.

ARTICLE Description
TH100 100 mm wide Inoxsystem® Total Hygienic channel with satin finihed edges, provided with TotalHygienic Multislot grating. Entirely made of 4 mm thick stainless steel, this grating is removable, without banding bar, with anti slip serrated micro-shot peened surface, rated for heavy equipment use.

Accessories Description
BCR Frame edge filled manually with epoxy resin*
FLCTH Connection flanges for transport and installation
SCTH Weld joint
UITH Gully-channel connection
PL Adjustable levelling feet
A90TH Channel angle
IL 1/2” inlet socket to let water flush in and clean the drain
TCTH Butt weld end cap
SD Direct outlet welded on channel body
INOX316 Stainless steel grade 316 on request

N.B.: Different types of Total Hygienic gratings available on request - See pages 50 and 51

Inoxsystem® Total Hygienic grating types

By removing both filter basket and internal pipe the wastewater flows and the floor drain should be thoroughly cleaned.
It is highly recommended to fill the floor drain with water after cleaning in order to stop smells from coming back up.

Total Hygienic modular channels in stainless steel