Gratings in stainless steel

Entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel (316 upon request), Inoxsystem® line of gratings is not only intended to be used for its drainage systems but is also easily adaptable to other solutions.
Inoxsystem® offers various types of gratings, each with different technical specifications:

Standard grating (Dwg. N° 0853)
Heel proof grating (Dwg. N° 0854)
Non-slip standard grating (Dwg. N° 0858)
Heavy duty ladder grating, plate 25x8, mesh width 20 (Dwg. N° 0851)
Heavy duty ladder grating, plate 25x8, mesh width 15 (Dwg. N° 0851-25.8.15)
Ladder grating, bars 25x5, mesh width 20 (Dwg. N° 0851-25.5.20)
Ladder grating, plate 25x5, mesh width 15 (Dwg. N° 0851-25.5.15)
Grating with covering plate with double side slot (Dwg. N° 0855)
Multiple slot standard grating (Dwg. N° 0856)
Multiple slot heel proof grating (Dwg. N° 0857)


Types of gratings in stainless steel