Diploma in mechanical in the 80's, Mr. Adriano Dal Ponte immediately acquires experience and knowledge in the field of metal working initially as machine tools manufacturer at some companies in his area, afterward, as a manufacturer of stainless steel articles, stepping for the first time into that still unknown market which will soon reveal it to be the great passion of his life. In those years, known to the world as the year of the famous "Miracle of the Northeast", Adriano takes advantage of this work experience to learn firsthand the best techniques of "cold" metal working, developing products for the food and chemical industries, such as tanks or machinery in general from a simple piece of stainless steel sheet.
His passion for welding and his inventiveness in the field are immediately recognized and in 1990 some entrepreneurs, with years of experience and knowledge in the field, involved him in a new business plan that will quickly lead him to be a founding member of his first company, located in Bassano Del Grappa, working in the food industry and specialized in custom stainless steel products and mainly focused on the Swiss market.

BIRTH OF THE INDIVIDUAL FIRM “Inoxsystem di Dal Ponte Adriano” AND THE Inoxsystem® BRAND

Frequent demands, not only from Switzerland but from the entire European market of products for water drainage (and liquids in general) on floors of the food and chemical industries, gave Adriano the awareness of the need to develop and put on the market a product that would go beyond the classical drainage systems in concrete, plastic or cast iron, a product that could have offered at the same time efficiency, robustness, aesthetics, durability and easy cleaning (also considering the increasing attention of businesses in compliance with hygiene standards). So, in 2000, he founded "Inoxsystem Dal Ponte Adriano", based in Zugliano in the province of Vicenza, and sign the registration of the trade mark Inoxsystem®.


The company, thanks to the quality of the product and the ability to solve so simply and effectively the various needs that arise on site, immediately finds an excellent feedback in the field and become the Italian and European market leader in a very short time.
The need to increase staff and the rapid growth in production soon necessitate to move the company into a new building, so, in 2003, Inoxsystem® moves his headquarter in Fara Vicentino and, five years later, buy a new separated site and new machines able to replace the main ones in case any production problem will arise, permitting a more rapid execution of works and allowing to never renounce to the policy of speed and efficiency that has always characterized the company.
Finally, in 2009, the production branch of the company was transformed from an individual to a limited liability company, enabling the engagement of the children Daniel and Jacopo, projecting the company into a new perspective not only as a European but also as a World leader, thanks to the birth of the first great collaborations from all over the world.

History of Inoxsystem drainage channel made in Italy