Waterproof membrane holder in stainless stell

All of Inoxsystem products can be provided with a special outer frame that works as a support for membranes, resins, tiles and floors in general.
The membrane holder is designed specifically for swimming pools, shower rooms, locker rooms, terraces, or where waterproofing is required, for example on upper floors of a building.
Besides slot channels, channels with grating and Italia channels with waterproof membrane holder, also telescopic floor drains, floor drains with waterproof membrane holder and Mexican pipe unions are largely used in the above mentioned situations. 
(SSee www.inoxsystem.it  page 21 dwg. No. 2025 – 0925 – 0130 – 0030, page 22 dwg. No. 0135 – 0035, page 23 dwg. No. 0710)

Waterproof membrane holder in stainless steel