Stainless steel channel with grating

New: body of the channel without grating “CGS20025” with reinforced edges “BGR” third party certified to D400 loading

The Inoxsystem® channel with grating (also known as grated channel)is entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 (or AISI 316 upon request) with a thickness of 2mm.
Available gratings are standard grating mesh 25x22, heel-guard mesh 50x11 (for transits on public pedestrian passages), heavy bars 25x8 (for transit of heavy vehicles) and double slot with surface in 6mm plate (for maximum hygiene at sight). The construction techniques studied over the years thanks to a decade experience in the field have allowed the creation of an effective system, accessible to vehicles, durable, budget focused and easy to clean. Able to reach any shape and length with the ability to work in assembly by groups of each flange 3 or 6 m (supplied with screws and silicon sealant), they are the ideal solutions for the flow of water and liquids on floors for the construction and food industry, ensuring the best conditions of hygiene in full compliance with regulations. Upon request you can have the edges of the channel pre-filled with our pre-filled with our special self-attaching rigid resin in order to get maximum traffic use of the product and avoid future problems by breaking through the channel and subsequent cracks in the floor due to the passage of heavy vehicles. Always upon request the channel can also have grafts for flushing the channel throughout inlets of ½" with diffuser. The wide range of grated products proposed by Inoxsystem® allows you to meet the most varied technical needs, offering in addition to the standard items (visible on the website p. 12-13), the creation of numerous custom articles (p. 09/11/10).
Important: All stainless steel Inoxsystem® products can be made custom, with designed drawings in collaboration with our technicians, able to satisfy the widest range of installation requirements.

Channel with grating in stainless steel