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page_1   Index

page_2   Inoxsystem products

page_3   components and accessories

page_4   Floor drains with square top plate and vertical outlet pipe

page_5   Floor drains with square top plate and horizontal outlet pipe

page_6   Other types of floor drains

page_7   Grated gullies

page_8   Slot drainage channel with accessories

page_9   Floor drains with square top plate for slot drainage channel

page_10   Grated drainage channel with accessories

page_11   Gullies for grated drainage channel


Modular Lines


page_12    "Standard grating" range – vertical outlet pipe

page_13    "Standard grating" range – horizontal outlet pipe

page_14    "Standard slot drainage channel" range

page_15    "Reduced slot drainage channel" range


Other articles and various accessories


page_16   Recessed manhole

page_17   Recessed manhole with odor trap

page 18-19-20   Corner guards, angle guards and floor protection edges

page_21   Channel with waterproof membrane holder and telescopic floor drains

page_22   Floor drains with fixed waterproof membrane support or removable outlet pipe

page_23   Inspection floor drains with closed bottom, mexican pipe union and accessories


customized inoxsystem drainage lines


page_24   Customized standard slot channels in stainless steel

page_25   Customized heel proof slot channel in stainless steel

page_26   Customized channel with grating in stainless steel

page_27   Customized Italia channels and accessories in stainless steel

page_28   Examples of installation


N.B. Catalogue 2014 delete and replace every previous version


  • * All measures can be modified upon request.

  • * These drawings are property of INOXSYSTEM®.They cannot be used or copied without our formal permission.

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