Inoxsystem® line Total Hygienic, made from stainless steel

The stainless steel drainage systems Total Hygienic have been developed by Inoxsystem® to respond efficiently and effectively to current international health and safety regulations, always offering a design product with an aesthetic touch of elegance.


Our excellent quality standards, twenty years of experience in the sector and continuous research and development activities have led to the creation of a durable and safe product suitable for all those environments where hygiene is essential, especially in food processing industries.


Total Hygienic means:


- Food safety.

The radius of the internal corners (a feature common to all the items in this catalogue) does not allow the stagnation of waste water, thus preventing the potential problem of bacteria growth and completely reducing the risk of food contamination. The cover grating is in turn defined as "antibacterial" due to lack of a perimeter frame, thus avoiding the accumulation of dirt even if it is not removed, without compromising the hygiene of the environment.


- Workplace safety

The anti-slip surface of the Total Hygienic "multi-slot" and "double-slot" gratings ensures safe work environment by reducing the risk of accidental slipping. In the same way, the solid top cover of the floor drains prevents accidental lifting of the grating during processing.


Total Hygienic Line: hygiene first.


Important: All the stainless steel products manufactured by Inoxsystem® can be made custom, with technical drawings developed in collaboration with our technicians able to satisfy the widest range of installation requirements.

Total Hygienic - drainage systems in stainless steel