Stainless Steel Italia IDrain Channel

The Inoxsystem® channel line “Italia” is entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 (or AISI 316 upon request), 2mm thickness.
Studied over the years to meet the growing needs of its customers, the “Italia” stainless steel line is a mixture of elegance and functionality, thanks to its aesthetic presence and a limited height that does not require a great thickness of the floor at the installation moment (overall height of the channel, which can vary between 18 and 45 mm). The Inoxsystem® channel line “Italia” finds its optimal location in bathrooms, public services, showers, terraces, or other departments where you look for a solution that does not go unnoticed, guaranteeing the best hygiene conditions in accordance with the regulations. 
Even this line, entirely in stainless steel, as all the lines proposed by this company from Vicenza, is capable of reaching any shape and length with the possibility to be assembled on site throughout groups of flanges (supplied with screws and silicone sealant).

Italia IDrain stainless steel channel