Inoxsystem® IDrain 0013 – Foor drain with vertical outlet and odor trap + filter basket

(See floor drain 0013 at page 12 of IDrain Catalogue)

Product Details

Inoxsystem® Italia line introduces Inoxsystem® IDrain line
Inoxsystem® IDrain 0013 - floor drain with vertical outlet and odor trap and 6 mm thick solid plate cover entirely made of Aisi 304 or 316 stainless steel, completely inspectable to ensure a high standard of ribustness, cleanliness and hygiene
Ideal for showers, swimming pools, Spa, changing rooms, sport facilities, bathrooms, pubblic services, etc.

Technical features:
- Standard vertical outlet
- 6 mm thick perforated solid plate
- Removable insect and rat-proof filter basket (holes Ø 8 mm)
- Odor trap
- Entirely made of stainless steel
- Outlet Ø 40 mm or Ø 50 mm 
- Flow rate 12/40 l/min.

Important: All stainless steel Inoxsystem® products can be made custom, with designed drawings in collaboration with our technicians, able to satisfy the widest range of installation requirements.

Completely inspectable floor drain with horizontal outlet odor trap, solid cover