Inoxsystem® IDrain Line 3070 with removable filter basket and odor trap

(See Line 3070 at page 4 of IDrain catalogue)

Product Details

Inoxsystem® Italia line introduces Inoxsystem® IDrain line.
Inoxsystem® IDrain 3070 – Linear drain with odor trap and removable satin finish grating with two side slots, entirely made of 2 mm thick stainless steel and completely inspectable to ensure high standards of robustness, cleanliness and hygieneWith waterproof membrane holder. 
Ideal for showers, swimming pools, Spa, changing rooms, sport facilities, bathrooms, pubblic services, etc.

Technical features:
- 100 mm wide
- satin finish edges
- standard satin finish grating
- two side slots
- removable filter basket and odor trap
- entirely made of 2 mm thick stainless steel
- central outlet Ø 40 mm or 50 mm 
- flow rate 28 l/min.
- waterproof membrane holder

Easy to clean.
Inoxsystem® IDrain line 3070 comes with an elegant removable satin finish grating with 2 side slots of 5 mm and a floor drain with odor trap and filter that can be removed to allow a complete and accurate cleaning of the channel and the discharge pipe.

Easy to install.
The installer should only place the drain channel at floor level and connect the outlet pipe to the drainage system. The waterproof membrane holder also works as tile angle.
On request, all of our drain channels can be equipped with a dual set of adjustable feet (Art. -PLI-) complete with double sided tape to to ensure that the installation is level and at the appropriate height.

In addition to standard satin finish and tileable gratings there are other different removable covers (see page 13 of IDrain catalogue), suitable for all Inoxsystem® IDrain lines 

Important: All stainless steel Inoxsystem® products can be made custom, with designed drawings in collaboration with our technicians, able to satisfy the widest range of installation requirements.

Linear drain odor trap removable satin finish with grating and two side slots