Floor drains or gullies with square top plate in stainless steel - heavy duty

Stainless steel Floor Drains with Square Top Plate

The Inoxsystem® brand floor drains (also called gullies) are entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 (or 316 upon request).

The construction techniques studied over the years thanks to a decade experience in the field have allowed the creation of an effective system, accessible to vehicles, durable, budget focused and easy to clean. Highly accessible to vehicles due to the thickness of the plate, which can vary from 6 to 8 mm, they are ideal solutions for the drainage of water and liquids on floors for the construction and food industry, ensuring the best conditions of hygiene in full compliance of the regulations. The wide range proposed by Inoxsystem® allows you to meet up with various technical requirements, offering, in addition to the standard items (visible on the website www.inoxsystem.it p. 4-5-6), the ability to customize each product.
Important: All stainless steel Inoxsystem® products can be made custom, with designed drawings in collaboration with our technicians, able to satisfy the widest range of installation requirements.

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