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New Drainage Systems

Inoxsystem® Total Hygienic stainless steel drainage systems have been developed to respond efficiently and effectively to current international health and safety regulations, ensuring high hygienic performance and safe work environment. Durable and robust products rated for heavy weight loads, their tecnical features prevent bacteria growth making them the ideal solution in those environments where hygiene is essential. Inoxsystem® Total Hygienic drainage channels are provided with rounded internal corners, like all the other products in this catalogue, but also with a removable odor trap + filter basket kit that allows a fast and thorough cleaning of the gully. Inoxsystem® Total Hygienic gratings are in turn defined as “antibacterial”: indeed, the lack of banding bars on the grating edges avoids the accumulation of dirt even if the grating is not removed, without compromising the hygiene of the environment. Hygiene but also safety. Thanks to their notched surface, Total Hygienic Multi-Slot and Double Slot gratings meet anti-slip standard requirements reducing the risk of accidental slipping, while the very thick top plate of the floor drains prevent accidental removal of the inner cover.

Inoxsystem Total Hygienic in stainless steel