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Channels with standard grating with low profile rectangular floor drain, odor trap and removable filter basket in stainless steel

(See Dwg. 0922-0923-0924-0925 General Catalogue, page 27)
Product Details

Entirely made of 2 mm thick stainless steel, grade 304 (grade 316 on request), these channels are recommended for commercial kitchens and food processing facilities where installation height is limited and can be provided with standard grating (mesh 25x22 mm), heel safe grating (mesh 50x11) mm, heavy duty ladder grating (25x8 mm bars) and 6 mm thick plate grating.


The low profile floor dain is welded on the body of the channel (not visible once installed in the floor) in the center, at one end or off-centre if needed. Different heights available according to installatio requirements.

The outlet pipe can be vertical (art. Inoxsystem® “RPSV”) or horizontal (art. Inoxsystem® “RPSO”), Ø 63 mm or different on request, with insect and rat proof filter basket.


Epoxy filled edges on request in order to improve durability and robustness.


The possibility of assembling the different sections with bolted flange connections (Inoxsystem® art. “FLC”) every 3 or 6 m provides many possible combinations, according to any customers’ specifications.


On request, the channel can be provided with ½” inlet socket to let water flush in and clen the channel (art. Inoxsystem® “IL”)

Important: All the stainless steel products manufactured by Inoxsystem® can be made custom, with technical drawings developed in collaboration with our technicians able to satisfy the widest range of installation requirements.

Channels grating low profile rectangular floor drain stainless steel


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