Linear and square Dwg. N° 0853 Standard Gratings in Stainless Steel

Dwg. N° 0853 - applicable on all Inoxsystem® channel and grated gullies articles

Inoxsystem® Linear Grating 0853

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Inoxsystem® Square Grating 0853Q

Product Details

Technical specifications of standard gratings:
- 2 mm thick
- Mesh 25x22
- Bearing bar 25x2
- Cross bar 10x2
- Height 25 mm 
- In pieces of 1000 mm 
- Finishing treatment: pickling
- Entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel (316 upon request) 
Recommended for industrial cooking appliances, restaurant’s kitchens and food processing departments.
Important: Inoxsystem ® stainless steel gratings can be customized upon request, with construction drawings studied in collaboration with our technicians. They can satisfy the most varied installation requirements.


Linear and square Dwg. N° 00853 Standard Gratings in Stainless Steel