Inoxsystem® Total Hygienic:
a new ally for floor cleaning.

Complyig with hygienic regulation is essential, for Inoxsystem® is even a strong point. Indeed, food and hospitality industry as well as industrial sectors where a high standard of hygiene is paramount can now rely on an excellent ally for floor cleaning and thus for better hygiene. The challenge was a difficult one for Inoxsystem®: going beyond drainage systems in compliance with hygienic regulations and facilitating daily and weekly cleaning routine. In a word, improve the lives of many people. Thus a new line of drainage systems has been created in order to guarantee innovation, design, functionality and high hygienic performance.

I clean the floor on a daily basis…but is it enough for a perfectly hygienic environment?

The floors of pharmaceutical and food industry, including restaurants and food and beverage service, should be nothing less than perfectly hygienic, thus easy to clean and capable to prevent any water stagnation. Bacteria growth is just around the corner, that’s why cleaning the floor every day might not be enough to prevent pathogens contamination and proliferation. A good daily cleaning routine shall include the drainage systems. No need for companies specialized in the sector, just five minutes. First of all it’s very important to change water in the floor drains: water is essential to stops smells from coming back up but at the same time can be easily attacked by bacteria. Then it’s Inoxsystem® turn to make all the other cleaning operations even easier thanks to the brand new hygienic line where odor trap and filter basket can be completely removed The new Total Hygienic line provides two different models of removable odor trap: removable pipe and removable cup, to ensure effective cleaning.

How important is to choose the right material for maximum hygiene?

If you want to comply with hygienic regulation but more than that make hygiene one of your strong point a thorough cleaning of the drainage systems is essential. Whether it’s a professional kitchen or a dairy, a slaughter house or a fish shop, a brewery or a winery, to pass the hygiene exam with flying colors is easier tran expected if you choose the right ally. We are talking about stainless steel: a durable alloy with three remarkable qualities: recyclability, stainlesness and last but not least hygiene. Corrosion restistant and totally non-porous, stainless steel is the perfect as weel as the most demanded solution for food processing facilities that can rely on its anti -bacterial properties during cleaning operations.

Inoxsystem® Total Hygienic antibacterial and anti-slip gratings. How can the risks of wet floor be reduced?

Caution wet floor: the workers of food industry are perfectly aware of the risks caused by wet surfaces, high level of humidity and spilled liquids. Indeed, besides hygiene, production facilities have to respond efficiently and effectively to current health and safety regulations. Whether it is a big industry or a small winery, employee safety is one of the most important requirements and the problem of wet floor must be solved. The drainage systems remove surface water away from a selected area on the floor but the new Inoxsystem® Total Hygienic line offers more: safety goes hand-in-hand with hygiene. Total Hygienic gratings are without banding bars and with notched surface to ensure both antibacterial and antislip performance: the lack of banding bars avoids the accumulation of dirt and bacteria growth while the notched surface reduces the risk of accidental slipping. The highest level of hygiene in a safe environment.

Is stainless steel suitable for heavy loads?

Stainless steel ensures extreme durability and robustness in terms of high load resistance. In a food storage area food trolleys and forklifts keeps goig to and fro many times a day, every day: from the production department to the wharehouse, from the wharehouse to the loadindg areas. Also in the industrial kitchens dish trolleys can be very heavy, not to mention large barrels and large machinery in big wineries, breweries or food and beverage industries. The floor has to constantly withstand different loads and so does the drainage systems. That is why at Inoxsystem® stainless steel sheet thickness is crucial to guarantee high loag resistance. Moreover, the channel top edge should be filled manually with three-component epoxy-resin to provide greater rigidity to the channel, even with radial shape. Thanks to this combination and a set of high duty gratings, also the new Inoxsystem® Total Hygienic line, like many other standard products in the catalogue, is certified to D400 loading.

When functionality meets design

The technical features of Total Hygienic drainage systems make them functional and of excellent quality. But if we focus on Spa, swimming pools, terraces and private wineries drainage systems should also enhance the aesthetic quality of the space they are in. And the care for details is the key to catch the customer’s eye. That’s why Inoxsystem® has developed a specific line designed to amaze, for the most elegant floors where hygiene and aesthetic appearance are both a key element. Total Hygienic line is indeed a middle ground between slot channels, and so more discreet, and channels with grating, and so easier to inspect thanks to the removable grating: only a 100 mm wide body with a 65 mm wide grating. Available also with “hidden” edges and, on request, provided with Design, Multi-slot Design and tileable gratings.

Customized products delivered in just a few days: am I dreaming or am I awake?

Just like sewing a made to measure dress, “dressing” your own house or company requires an extreme care for details and precision. Professionalism and meticulousness are essential when chosing the right materials and designing the floor. That’s why Inoxsystem® brings into play its staff that is always ready to offer the best technical support to customers, step by step,from design to execution. Analyzing and developing the project with its customers, Inoxsystem can maximize its strogest point: customization. All of our drainage systems can be made custom: length, depth, different layout, all according to our customers’ needs. And most important, short delivery time: just a few days to get your order, whether it is a standard or made to measure product.

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