How to design a perfec winery

  • In wineries, drainage systems are essential to take high amounts of wastewater away from floors during both wine making process and cleaning operations.
  • A good drainage system prevents wine from risks of contamination thus preserving its quality.
  • Stainless steel drainage systems guarantee high load resistance and high hygienic performance.
  • Efficient drainage systems prevent risks caused by wet floors to protect the safety of workers.

Good wine requires good grapes, but it’s not enough. Even when it comes to wineries, food safety comes first. The HACCP protocol states it explicitly: all the food and beverage manufacturing plants must strictly comply with the hygiene and safety standards during production and processing of food and beverage. For this reason a healthy and clean environment, including warehouses and storage areas, is a basic requirement also for wineries. Indeed, especially for wineries. Considering the high amount of water used in wine production it is easy to understand why the installation of drainage systems must be taken into consideration when designing wineries. In all stages of production (vinification, refinement, stabilization, clarification, bottling) a good drainage system prevents the environment from contamination, preserves wine quality and ensure the safety of workers.

How much water does it take to make wine?

It generally takes from as little as 2 liters of water all the way up to 20 to make a bottle of wine. What does this numbers say? That a proper drainage system is essential in wineries. Large volumes of water are used during all stages of wine making, from the moment grapes are taken into the winery to filtration before bottling. However, nearly all of the water is used for sanitizing and cleaning operations of machinery, containers, floors and barriques. But how to avoid water stagnation and take such high volumes of water away without causing floors to flood? With a custom-made drainage system, slot shannels and channels with grating that takes away every drop of water from the floor.

Good drainage goes hand in hand with good wine.

Expert winemakers, and non-expert as well, know the importance of humidity for proper wine storage. Yet, in wineries, an inadequate drainage system can turn a strong point into a problem; indeed, armful bacterial agents can proliferate and compromise the wine quality, or, in the worst cases, seriously compromise food safety. This is particularly true in the aging stage of the wine in the barrels. In the storage area temperature and humidity should be kept as stable as possible in order to avoid water stagnation and odors. Drainage systems are crucial to ensure hygiene and food safety in this extremely critical phase, as well as in the next extremely delicate stage that is bottling after microbiological stabilization of wine. In these environments attention must be kept high: if something goes wrong at this point, the quality of wine is irreparably compromised.

Each winery requires a different drainage system.

Each winery is unique, yet it’s not all about the soil. Environment and critical points must be kept into consideration as well. Thanks to over 20 years’ experience in the sector, Inoxsystem® can create drainage systems designed according to any specific needs. Inoxsystem® team is always available to support its customers studying together with architects, surveyors and site managers, or directly with the winery owner, the best and most effective drainage system. Slopes and channel layouts are developed bearing in mind the peculiar features of each different winery, but there is one thing they all have in common: the choice of material, which is even more important when it comes to food sector. All of Inoxsystem® products are entirely made of grade 304  stainless steel (grade 316 on request) to ensure maximum resistance to heavy loads and high hygienic performance. Indeed, cleaning a poor quality drainage system is expesive as m

A poor quality drainage system is indeed costly to clean if the level of hygiene and sanitation required by law for food production plants is to be guaranteed. The new Inoxsystem® Total Hygenic line even makes it possible to speed up the sanitization operations thanks to a frameless grating and completely removable odor traps and filter baskets.

Safety in wineries is not just food safety.

Let’s think of the muddy ground after grapes are taken with tractors to the wineries. Or to water that pours out all over the the ground while washing grapes before their crushing. In wineries floors are slippery and are often prone to flooding. To protect the employees and make the workplace safer, drainage systems must handle high loads according to any specific requirement and must ensure high flow rates. Anti-slip the gratings are also important in order to prevent accidents: the new Inoxsystem® Total Hygenic grating, besides making cleaning operations very easy, is also an ally of worker safety thanks to its notched surface.

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