Underground garage: how to avoid flooding

Let's face it: when it's raining, underground garages are really convenient. Not quite so pleasant, however, when rain gets heavier and they floods. This problem is common to many apartment buildings which garages are located in the basement and, in most cases, flooding is due to misjudgements during building design phase. Indeed, whether it is a newly built floor or a renovation, it is paramount to bolster your home defense against the possible damages caused by rainwater during planning process, also giving the fact that more and more often nowadays rain turns into cloudbursts. Predicting potential drainage problems is essential to keep you house durable and maintain its value over time, avoiding structural damage (walls and floors). Anyway, it is possible to fix this problem also when the design mistakes have alreaby been made by installing a proper drainage system that prevent basement flooding and mould growth on the walls.

The proper drainage system to stop your garage from flooding

If your underground garage turns into a swimming pool while it’s raining hard it is because, being located below ground level, it is more exposed to the problem of rainwater runoff. To definitively solve the problem it will be sufficient to install a drainage system in the pavement that can collect the water and lead it to the drainage points. The most frequent fear among homeowners is that of having to intervene in a radical way, or alternatively of having to live forever with the nightmare of water on the floor. But fortunately, the solution exists and it is even simpler than expected. The most effective remediation technique consists, in fact, in laying manhole covers or slotted or grilled channels in the flooring, which will thus be able to "capture" excess water. The benefits will be seen immediately: have you ever thought about the advantage of having the garage floor always dry, even after parking the car with wet tires on rainy days?

One is not worth the other: the underground garage wants a stainless steel drainage system

When it comes to garages, you need drainage systems that are resistant to heavy loads. The garage flooring is, in fact, subjected to weight stress on a daily basis, every time a car enters and exits the garage. Drainage systems must therefore also do their job ensuring long-lasting performance. The choice of material and accessories, together with the correct maintenance, greatly affects the resistance capacity of the channels and drain grates. In addition to being an elegant and hygienic material, stainless steel is also one of the strongest materials. For this reason, Inoxsystem® drainage systems are entirely made of stainless steel, with important thicknesses and closely spaced reinforcing rods. The product, in fact, must not undergo deformations that could lead to the formation of cracks and thus damage the entire flooring. For its drainage systems Inoxsystem® has also studied a special three-component epoxy resin which, applied under the edges of the channel, offers a certified product in capacity class D400 and capable of supporting the transit of loads and heavy vehicles. Given the different expansion between the materials, it is recommended to keep the floor detached from the drainage system by a few millimeters during installation, in order to create an adequate elastic joint.

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