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Inoxsystem® Infinity range


The stainless steel solution for the drainage of water or other liquids on floors, conceived for the most hygienic solutions in food and building industries: not only showers, but sport facilities, terraces, parking, public squares, swimming pools, civil buildings, cheese factories, slaughterhouses, fishmongers, restaurant kitchens, shopping centres, hospitals and many other sectors can find a good aesthetic solution by this range to guaranteed a high hygiene level, in compliance with current norms and regulations.


page 2   Inoxsystem® Infinity slot channels

page 3   Inoxsystem® Infinity slot channel (assembly)

page 4   Inoxsystem® Infinity grated channel

page 5   Inoxsystem® Infinity grated channel (assembly)

page 6   Floor drain for Inoxsystem® Infinity channels

page 7   Flanges for channel and floor drains Inoxsystem® Infinity

page 8   Examples of assembly channel Inoxsystem® Infinity (photo)

page 9   Examples of assembly channel Inoxsystem® Infinity (assembly)

page 10   "CUSTOM" siphoned floor drain with filter basket, for Inoxsystem ® Infinity channels



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