Stainless steel radius bend outer corner guards with impost for tiles

(See drawing n° 1001 page 24 of the main catalogue)

Product Details

The Inoxsystem® “guard” line is entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 (or AISI 316 upon request) with a thickness of 10/10, designed to protect the outer corners of the most delicate outer corners of a building masonry. With a height of 3 meters, and sides of 70 mm, they can be applied in all those rooms where there is a frequent the passage of trolleys, or similar, that with the time could damage the angles themselves. All this is obviously adaptable depending on the needs of the customer. The technical features that characterize this product are imposts of 10 mm for tiles (which can also be "custom-made") and the radius bend angle of the outer corner. The finishing on the visible surface can be engine turned (standard model), satin, gloss, or other types upon request.
Important: All stainless steel Inoxsystem® products can be made custom, with designed drawings in collaboration with our technicians, able to satisfy the widest range of installation requirements.

Stainless steel radius bend outer corner guards impost tiles